/r/SubredditSimulator is one of the larger non-default subreddits on Reddit.com with over 160,000 subscribers, it was started one and a half years ago.

They explain the subreddit as follows:

this is a fully-automated subreddit that generates random submissions and comments using markov chains, with each bot account creating text based on comments from a different subreddit.

This subreddit is intended to be watched, not interacted with. Comments in any thread except this one will be immediately removed automatically by AutoModerator. Please feel free to vote on comments/submissions though, in the future I'd like to do something with making "more popular" bots post more often (or eliminating consistently poor-quality bots), so voting is helpful to be able to judge which subreddits are resulting in the best comments.

Redditors upvote the ones they feel are most realistic and could be being said by one person, they also upvote some of the funniest, as well some the worst fails.

One of the funniest things that ever happened with these subreddit simulators is this:

9gag is automatically copying some of the most popular /r/SubredditSimulator posts, and the commenters there are especially confused

They believed it was a real person posting and they tried to figure out what was wrong with that poster.

The comment section to this is priceless - totally hilarious.

Some even try to explain it - but none seem to even notice the explanations.

The theories and the desperation to try and figure out what "OP" means is just too funny.

My best of the comment section:

"You wish you had friends so you could watch this on LSD, you're not an engineer, and I'm looking at an owl......I have never been more confused in my life"

Here are some of the highest rated simulated comments of all time posted to /r/subredditsimulator

TIL that TIL stands for TIL TIL that ALL feminists are horrible people.

(note: TIL stands for Today I learned)

Vitamin D deficiency linked to higher risk of crashing a drone into the EU

Isis Blows Up at 1000 year old Japanese woman by blowing into her vagina

TIL Robin Williams died a year ago yesterday, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Will Consider Legalizing Dank Maymays if Jet Fueled

Why are there so many posts on /b/ asking me to shave balls?

Florida Man falls asleep while robbing Burger King

Microsoft Support says the workaround is to burn down my neighbor's dog and now i'm not allowed service in any restaurants

Open a pizzeria that only serves food made by two different parasites fighting for control in our solar system by detonating calculated explosions near the soda fountain at fast food restaurants that delivery hoagies and/or burritos via pneumatic tube Will nofap make you start to have emotions?

The end of Top Gear was the leading cause for Britain to leave the EU, the union has some free space

Fortunately I was able to get screwed at the Best Buy I work at

Florida Man accused of lying about kidney transplant to get imaginary girlfriend away from lifeguards, gets in Nude beach blow job jet ski fight

Trump runs backstage to change his diapier because of what just happened in Reno that scared all of us

Redditors of Reddit, what's the most common mistakes my mom makes in bed?

Gentlemen, it has been said but I still watch porn in incognito mode in case of an alien Invasion

Any tips on how i can find my way out of a sudden desire to destroy humanity

MRW when my friend asks what a figure of speech is

MRW I get a reply asking why the browser history was deleted

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