/alias is a IRC command that replaces a command or string of commands of your choosing with a shortcut.

For example, if you wanted to /kick and temporarily /ban a user Bob, you could do it the long way:

  • /mode #channelname +b Bob
  • /kick #channelname Bob
  • Wait a bit.
  • /mode #channelname -b Bob

Or you could make an alias: "/alias X mode #channelname +b $0;kick #channelname $0;timer 120 mode #channelname -b $0"

In this command, $0 is a wildcard; it will be filled by whatever name you type after your alias: "/X Bob" will ban Bob for a count of 120 seconds. /X EvilTroll will ban EvilTroll for 120 seconds.

Be warned, an /alias will be lost at the end of your session unless you /save it.

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