Back in th 1800s, white supremacy was scientific fact. Anthropologists classified people into different groups and judged and ranked them accordingly. We were not human beings, we were Caucasoids, Negroids, Austaloids, Mongoloids, etc. In fact, Leonardo Di Caprio, while doing research to play the plantation owning antagonist in Django Unchained, actually studied the "science" of the Victorian era and became fascinated with race theory and phrenology - and Western white science, NATURALLY, determined that the white race was the most handsome, the most ethical, the most intelligent, and so for--- oh hang on, time for church, where they went - without any trace of irony - to declare that a man who at the very least was a Semite and was very probably black, is Lord.

Fast forward to the early 20th century, and although slavery as an institution was banned, there was a eugenics movement. If only we could quietly "breed out" blacks, the genetically impure, the swarthier people, we'd end up with a race of Scandinavian looking Aryan supermen. Hitler took to this theory with a passion, and like the swastika, Hugo Boss and fascism, it fell out of favor once World War II ended.

It was a relatively dark day for the racists after the middle of the 20th century, because the civil rights movement was in full swing, blacks were allowed to go to "good" schools with desegregation and were finally climbing the social ladder. Anyone spewing that black folk were subhuman or monkeys or whatever looked like the ignorant and childish folk they were. And if you were in any way anti-Semitic, the horror of World War II and the Holocaust especially were fresh enough in people's minds that you would probably catch five knuckles to the face.

The 1980s racist movement sought to cultivate shock troops from the most desperate, the most poor. From the displaced miners and factory workers who saw their good jobs disappear, they recruited guys with shaved heads and strong wrists who could swing a bat as well as a hammer. Racist skinheads Seig Heiled and filled the world with truly awful music. Many of them went to jail, and many of them saw the light after interacting with the world as a whole. George Burdi went from being a darling and rising star of that movement to renouncing white power, even though he founded one of the founding "race rock" bands RaHoWa. He married a woman of Indian extraction and now works to combat racism.

But with the advent of the Internet, they're going after a new breed, and their methods are far more devious.

The racist element have figured out that the human race now has significant amounts of knowledge but little wisdom, and even less discernment. "Oh, I read it on the Internet" is now suddenly the litmus test for something being true or not, never mind that literally anybody can say literally anything. And with the level of discourse going down the drain, they've managed to piggy back on the trend. 

Ironically enough they got significant help from a group that would seem to be their worst enemy, the most vocal of the activists and politically correct social justice warriors. By these I don't mean genuine folks who have worked tirelessly to advance the human race and social justice thereby, I'm referring to someone on Tumblr saying "kill all cis-scum".  In their forums, dissent (which means, not hating any or all combinations of whites, males, cisgendered or straight) is immediately punished with banning and censoring. Their forums tend to have One Truth, which must be adhered to and agreed to, or you're out of here. They mock any notion that they need to entertain free speech. "Oh, your feeze peach" they mock, "BENNED".  No shades of gray, no need at all for discussion, logic, or teaching. "This is the truth, and if you disagree you are an evil person and you're gone. Then we mock you."

There's an awful, awful joke with a grain of truth to it that says that a liberal is just a conservative that hasn't been mugged or raped yet.

So having set up identity politics, the other side said "thank you" and ran with the ball.

Because they no longer like to make racist comics depicting black folks as subhumans with large lips, or Jewish folk with large noses rubbing their hands surrounded by gold coins, at least at first.

What they come out of the gate with is facts, statistics, and carefully curated news stories. They make sure that what they come with is (most of the time) at least in some way factually correct. What they do, however, is capitalize on the fact that most people don't know how to read critically, and use them to come up with their own conclusions. They call this "race realism". Look, they say, we don't hate these people, but we have to face facts. 

And their facts include: people of color are more likely to be found guilty of crimes (they'll phrase it as "commit more crimes"), more likely to face harsher sentences ("commit crimes so severe they need to go in for longer"), and so forth. After you've bought that, they jokingly refer to jail as "NU", which stands for "nigger university". They'll take rap songs that glorify street cred obtained through incarcertaion, filter it in with the school-to-prison conduit (private prison planet for profit) and come to the conclusion that jail is basically what they want, because it gives them an identity, free food and health care, and more people to rape.

And they have developed a very intriguing and almost hypnotic set of sentences to pair with every occasion. When there's some kind of crime in a neighborhood, they'll title the event "more diversity spread to homeowner and two children". When a story comes out about Africa having some kind of systemic problem like poverty, infrastructure and so forth, "WE WUZ FAROES AND SHIT, NIGGA, LOL". Any mention of a woman being raped they title "MUH DIK". Anything involving welfare or money meant to improve the inner city is mentioned alongside "GIBSMEDAT". And when a black youth dies, they refer to him being "goodified" - mocking the family's usual response - "he was a good boy". Stringing a bunch of disprarate remarks made by grieving family members in recent events together, they'll apply them to every similar sort of crime "HE A GOOD BOY HE WA GOAN TO COLLIDGE". They really love to apply that to the death of a lowlife who was some kind of dropout, implying that any previous assertions about the good characteristics of someone killed by police... were lies.

They'll take Liveleak or WorldStar Hip Hop videos and frame them to suit their narrative, too. In one, a white guy is walking in a project area, and the others know who he is and chase him. (In all probability he's known to them, and from his demeanor he appears to be a drug addict). Throwing him to the ground and beating him viciously in a pack, they yell at him that he's in the wrong neighborhood. In all probability they know who he is because he was there before to buy drugs or cause some other kind of problem. And even if he wasn't - it's an isolated incident in one of the worst parts of the world. An all white ghetto like Manchester's Moss Side has similar incidents all the time. But they phrase it as "could you imagine if a bunch of white guys beat a black guy down and told him he was in the wrong neighborhood? We'd hear it nonstop on CNN. The guy would get a million dollars in lawsuit settlements. THAT'S RAYSIS, right? Laughing all the way to the bank. And they'd use it to make you feel bad, feel guilty, and it'd be all about how all white people are evil, right? But once again, let's reverse the races, and nobody cares."

They'll dig through crime files. "Did you see the footage of two black guys beaing a 77 year old white grandmother in a church?" "What about that 13 year old kid who stabbed poor little 8 year old Conor to death and has no remorse? Why do you never hear about this?" Same reason the two men who were shot on Martin Luther King Boulevard yards away from where I was, whose aftermath I saw, weren't on the news either. There are hundreds of incidents every hour, and they can't cover them all - but the way these guys phrase it, along with security camera footage, or YouTube posts, they make it seem like there's a deliberate conspiracy to silence white victims of black crime. Which, paradoxically, goes against their previous assertion, namely all blacks are criminal - so in other words, in one breath they're arguing something isn't newsworthy, and then complaining when it doesn't make the news.

The meta-narrative, which they lay out with an isolated fact here, and an isolated fact there, is that blacks (who they assert have no more than an 80 IQ (citing some study or other)) really have no other options in life besides criminality and rape, so deliberately shutting them out of your workplace, your home, your neighborhood and so forth isn't, like the girl with the weird glasses and the cupcake tattoo who also said cisgender people need to die told you it was, (mockingly) "THAT'S RAAAAAAAACISSSSTTTTTT" but a bona fide survival mechanism. "Go ahead and look at the idiot hipsters who follow the Kum Ba Ya narrative, moving into a "bad neighborhood" because We're All The Same - broken into on day four." What they don't mention is that these guys, having lived their entire lives in very rich neighborhoods - put all their Big Screen TV and Apple Computer product boxes out for recycling, practically advertising they had stuff to steal. 

Even more horribly - for a while Georgia Tech, like most schools, didn't allow guns on campus. It's not in the best of areas, and quite a few students found themselves with a knife to their throat or a gun in their face "that's right, the MacBook, and the iPhone, and the wallet." Put a concentration of people with expensive technology in an area with significant poverty and you're going to get predation. But the solution the "race realists" proposed -which actually resulted in a change to the legislation - is that now Georgia Tech students can carry firearms on campus. "KILL THEM. AND GOOD RIDDANCE." It's a slight semantic shift from "them" being muggers, to "them" being the race most of the muggers happen to be. In downtown Atlanta. 

With a combination of disparate "facts" being used to develop an erroneous conclusion (you could have a field day knocking down logical fallacies left and right in their posts) along with the highly emotive appeal to fear (they're going to rape your girlfriend) and machismo (are you going to stand there and let them "muh dik" your girlfriend?) they make a double-fronted attack, weakening the rational side of the brain with an emotive appeal.

And then when they think you are TRULY ready, after all, they've proven with "facts" (like The Bell Curve and carefully curated bits here and there from news stories to build a narrative they don't support) and first person stories "what they're really like" - one in circulation right now is the story of a young white woman working in an inner city Atlanta school where fights, pickpocketing and mistrust of her motives led to such a toxic work environment she had to leave for her own sanity. But if you carefully read between the lines, the students are hungry, many times in poverty and abusive households - in a school that doesn't bother to hire exterminators leading to roaches being everywhere, and so forth - it's really a condemnation of a broken school rather than the students therein. But they play it as "check it out - she wanted to make a difference, like that Michelle Pfeiffer in that movie - but the real world, she had her purse stolen and was almost knocked out twice." When they think you're ready for The Big Reveal...

The language they use for that it "to become redpilled" - which is using the "if you take the blue pill... but if you take the red pill" metaphor of "The Matrix". When they think you'd appreciate "knowing the truth they don't want you to know" - they explain it's all because of the Jews. Here's the way they do it. They point out that all the social justice movements are usually "headed by Jews" (they'll either point out George Soros bankrolls the agency, or find a Jewish person on staff and insist they're "in charge") insist on putting "them" in "your neighborhood." The idea is that they want to destabilize your neighborhoods, your families, get you caught up in fighting crime in your own neighborhood and having to watch your own back, while they fleece the world's banking systems again, and set up their own government. They'll point out that in the absence of "Jew bankers" Germany went from being so terrible economically you had to carry Deutschmarks in a wheelbarrow to being one of the strongest economies on the planet- and did so by exterminating the very people who've always been working to pad their own pockets and sow chaos and discord. And when you start, if you've actually read history - to point out what actually happened between World War I and World War II, they interrupt with the fact that Israel have been deporting African immigrants, that tidal wave from Syria and from Africa that are threatening to bankrupt the UN refugee funds and many a local government in Europe - into Europe. Apparently, they scoff, they don't need "diversity", but we do? "Nope, we don't want those people here, they would destroy OUR country, so instead we're sending them to destroy YOURS."

And once you've bought into that whole line of reasoning - that you never heard about blacks being this destructive force because "That's RACIST!", just like that woman who banned you on Reddit simply for asking a question - it's because "they" don't want you to know. And now you know who the "They" are, and why they're ready to play the Holocaust sympathy card if you ever say anything, am I right?

And then you're "ready" for any of a number of lines of conspiracy theories, but down that rabbit hole TRULY lies madness. And some are ready to pick up a firearm and walk into a church and shoot nine worshippers dead, wearing patches celebrating a dream where blacks and whites were separated by law.










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