I got a personal message in response to my "Death" by Mathematics write-up: 

"Interesting write, but this says nothing to what is 'there' before conception. (I'm looking at '... singularity of death. For everything outside the point, we'll say you'd still be you...'). I doubt we spring from nowhere."

It was an interesting question, so I'm paraphrasing my response in a companion piece I'm calling

"Birth" by Logic.

My response was, well, "nowhere" is exactly where we all have to come from, if you logically examine it. For if we say that the universe has a beginning, then prior to that, there must be something outside the universe's beginning and its continuing that it must have arisen from. Since the universe occupies all space, then such a place must exactly be a "nowhere".

Then if you examine it forwards and going back, I may have been "born" 25 years ago in a hospital in Miami, but in reality, my actual age is that of the universe. For the matter from which my body is constructed is as old as any other of the universe's materials.

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