Most computer users consider recycle to refer to the Windows recycle bin. Fair enough, the name is close. But a certain subset of users understand it to refer to a completely different concept when preceded with an exclamation mark.


If this seems familiar to you, you've probably had a run in with LiteStep, the pre-eminent shell replacement for Windows. For LiteStep users, recycling means to 'refresh' your shell, actually to reload all the components, scripts, modules and images that compose your desktop interface, without restarting the operating system itself. Simple enough, right?

Well, that's where the ! comes in. the exclamation mark actually makes the word 'recycle' into a command to be parsed internally by LiteStep, a bang command. By activating this command, either by running it through a referencing shortcut, popup menu item, hotkey or by directly entering it into LSXCommand, your interface is refreshed.

My personal opinion is that explorer (the Windows' default interface) ought to have this, it would make achieving uptime bliss much more reliable.

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