by mauler

Who do you currently support in the US presidential race?

Donald Trump - Make America great again!  3  5.77%
#NeverTrump - conservative/GOP but would support Bernie or Hillary over Trump  3  5.77%
#BernieOrBust - I would write in Bernie Sanders, even if he loses the nomination  5  9.62%
I prefer Bernie Sanders, but would support Hillary if he loses the nomination  19  36.54%
Hillary Clinton - #ImWithHer  8  15.38%
Against Donald Trump, but also cannot support Hillary or Bernie - third party or no vote for me  2  3.85%
A third party or write-in candidate was always my first choice  1  1.92%
I don't care or don't vote.  2  3.85%
I live outside the United States and have no interest in this.  3  5.77%
None of the above  6  11.54%
Total  52  100.00%