by C-Dawg

Should admins be required to node as much or more than other noders?

Yes. One node written for every one killed or edited.  1  1.35%
Yes. One node per week should be easy for an admin.  6  8.11%
Yes. Two a year minimum. And hey, apply that to all noders!  14  18.92%
No. An admin can have a dry spell like anyone else.  15  20.27%
No. An admin is a noder like all others.  29  39.19%
No. Editing and writing are orthogonal skills.  4  5.41%
No. In fact, admins shouldn't be allowed to node; their writeups usually suck anyway.  1  1.35%
None of the above.  4  5.41%
Total  74  100.00%