by mauler

Submitting a new writeup now gets you 5 XP instead of 1 XP, but having a writeup deleted still only takes back 1 XP. Should the XP lost for having a writeup deleted be increased to 5 as well?

Yes, because people should not gain 4 XP for posting bad writeups.  32  30.77%
Yes, because people will abuse the new system by purposely posting bad writeups just to gain XP.  11  10.58%
No, because people should be rewarded with 4 XP just for trying, even if they fail.  19  18.27%
No, because it would be unfair to older users who only got 1 XP for posting their writeups in the past.  5  4.81%
I don't really care either way.  30  28.85%
None of the above.  7  6.73%
Total  104  100.00%