kid koala <·> drunk trumpet
the beta band <·> the house song < >< >(staggering 'twixt the trax)< >< > primal scream <·> trainspotting
funky porcini <·> purrfect (moonwalk loop)
bauhaus <·> severance
low <·> lazy
gorillaz <·> sound check (edit)
nine inch nails <·> a warm place
soul coughing <·> sleepless
brian eno <·> some of them are old (late bloomer edit)
the beta band <·> won (edit)
strung out on ok computer <·> exit music for a film (mutation wash)
aphex twin <·> on
pink floyd <·> echoes (dawnward edit)

lawnjart and aphexious

forward <·> weeknight sound track <·> back

mixed euphoria