Once again, E2's crafter community proudly presents the annual Wrap Up In Noder Love: An E2 Craft Project and Fundraiser. Full details can be found there, in Hyphenated's writeup.

In brief: the goal once again is to make a collaborative afghan (blanket) and raffle it off to the E2 community. Raffle tickets can be purchased via donation box for five dollars, with all proceeds going to E2.

Hyphenated gives details and guidelines. Raffle tickets are still five dollars, and can be purchased with a donation to the donation box. All tickets should be purchased by October 15, and the drawing will be on October 22.

Please support this year's efforts!

Lord Brawl says: For those that have asked, donation box proceeds go to maintain and upgrade our server hardware. We'll be seeing some of the benefits shortly with a new db server!