We have a few pretty major new features...

  • Multiple Scratch Pads - each user can now have as many separate scratch pads as they like, and it's possible to save directly to a scratch pad from the writeup submission box. We're still working on a fully operational button to post the other way.

  • The new Notifications nodelet will keep track of your writeups being cooled, writeups being added to usergroups you're a member of and new writeups being submitted by authors you've marked as 'favorites'. Turn it on in your Nodelet Settings. It's great.

  • Semantic URLs are go! Everything2's URLs are now in a far more intuitive form, like this: http://everything2.com/e2node/Brian+Eno. Have a poke around the site to see what other shapes they take.

The first two of those are mostly kthejoker's work (Oolong helped a bit with the multiple Scratch Pads) so showers of love and appreciation should be sent his way. Also bug reports. The legendary nate is behind the semantic URLs, and any major problems with them should go to e2webmaster@everything2.com. A few other developments are noted in root log: February 2008, but nothing nearly so exciting I'm afraid.

In other news, E2 Quest: 21st Century Science was ongoing at the time of writing. Time to start researching and writing up those interesting science stories you see in the papers every week! We're guessing that the average noder can do a better job of this than the average newspaper journalist. Prove us right.