New in town: an easier way to keep up with your favourite nodey goodness without even visiting the site. You can now subscribe to the New Writeups Atom feed with your favourite aggregator. Apologies to those who haven't a clue what that means - the node should enlighten you. It's cached so it should be cheap for our poor beleaguered server; however, please try to only request it every 30 minutes at most. It's a little rough around the edges at the moment but it does the job. If you have any questions, drop me a message. Click the link below to subscribe to the feed, similarly to how you would subscribe to a blog or news feed. You will need a news reader/aggregator or a browser that supports feeds for this to work.


In browsers that support syndication feeds - including Firefox, Safari and IE 7 - you will see an icon in the address bar. You can click this to subscribe to the feed, or create a "Live Bookmark". Other options are either web-based or downloadable applications. I've listed a few here, though I haven't tried most so suggestions are welcomed.

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Standalone readers:

  • FeedReader - a free reader for Windows
  • NetNewsWire - a popular reader for Mac, with a free 'Lite' version