Under 'Your writeups' in your settings there is an option to shut off default editing of your contribution if you visit a node that contains a writeup of yours. If this setting is on, you will see a message telling you that you should go to the individual writeup to edit the node.

What is this?

This is mostly a feature for slow connections and such. It is one way that you can shave off a big chunk of pageloads, especially if you are not going to be editing a lot of your pages or if you are on a modem and you NEED to check E2 (we've all been there).

But I don't want this!

Off by default, but strongly encouraged for you modem folk. There will be more features like this coming soon for slower connections.

Will this affect adding a writeup to a node?

If you do not have a writeup in any particular node, you will still be given the option to add one in there just like normal.

Huh? I'm slightly confused by the wording!

That's okay. If the box is checked then you will not see the 'edit writeup' box for your writeup of any e2node.

What themes does this feature work in?

This should work in all themes, whether they are actively supported or not. It is known to work in at least Jukka and ekw. Please let us know if other themes do not work.

Bugs on this feature go to JayBonci, credit on the idea goes to Apatrix