New Podcast

Check out Podcast 2.9, recorded live at the quadrennial nodermeet in Cologne!

Hey, new users! C'mere!

Lord Brawl would like your feedback on somethin'. Check out his editor log and drop him a /msg (or use the "Blab!" box on his homenode). Much obliged!

Interface Update: Welcome TinyMCE

TinyMCE is a WYSIWYG writeup text editor. Turn it on at the Writeup Settings page and give it a spin.

Admin Team Changes

The editorial admissions process is closed, for now; please give Eien_Meru, Karma Debt, Shaogo, TheLady pats on their respective backs, and hit them up if you need anything.

Quest Stuff

That's it for now; updates'll come as things, you know, happen.