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Maintained By: Tem42

1 space opera   e2node
2 space western (thing) mauler writeup
3 hard science fiction   e2node
4 military science fiction   e2node
5 Alternate history   e2node
6 Comics fiction (idea) Jet-Poop writeup
7 Cyberpunk   e2node
8 steampunk   e2node
9 Clockpunk   e2node
10 dieselpunk   e2node
11 biopunk   e2node
12 Ribofunk   e2node
13 transhumanism   e2node
14 dystopia   e2node
15 speculative fiction   e2node
16 Soviet science fiction   e2node
17 posthumanity (idea) dg writeup
18 science fantasy   e2node
19 Slipstream   e2node
20 Children's science fiction   e2node
21 Near-future science fiction (idea) Glowing Fish writeup
22 SF noir (thing) Tlogmer writeup
23 Humorous science fiction   e2node
24 urban fantasy (idea) Maxine Maven writeup
25 urban fantasy (thing) Lucy-S writeup
26 Edisonade (idea) Tem42 writeup
27 weird fiction (thing) Lucy-S writeup
28 hard science fiction (thing) Estelore writeup
29 Humanity, Fuck Yeah! (fiction) Estelore writeup
30 soft SF (thing) Rancid_Pickle writeup
31 hopepunk (idea) Estelore writeup
32 solarpunk (idea) Estelore writeup