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There's a lot of great people maintaining your Internet. Shame so many of them seem to be so broken, and shame the environment is near-fatal for a lot of folks. Here's to drugs, here's to psych meds, here's to alcohol, root, and rock and roll.

These are the stories of my navigation of the industry, and some of the people I've met in it, and some of the ways I coped. Any resemblance to you, yourself, or other poor souls you've met is entirely incidental.

Every time I think I'm going to wake up back in the jungle...

1 Between a NOC and a hard place (personal) Auspice writeup
2 Hard-boiled NOC with the rednecks (personal) Auspice writeup
3 elevator pitch (thing) Auspice writeup
4 I've built a lot of blazing speed of light machines (log) Auspice writeup
5 The foxes of NOC and night (personal) Auspice writeup
6 connector in receiver out (dream) Auspice writeup
7 Angry Bear in the NOC (person) Auspice writeup
8 5am in the middle of a wasted summer (dream) Auspice writeup
9 The contrast of NOC and night (idea) Auspice writeup
10 The NOC and the end of the world (event) Auspice writeup
11 Of NOCs, nightmares, and fairytales (poetry) Auspice writeup
12 The NOC and the mayonnaise drill (personal) Auspice writeup
13 They're gonna grind you down until you're thin and tired, tired (personal) Auspice writeup
14 Wonder Boy Woo joins the NOC (event) Auspice writeup
15 Building the NOC in the desert (personal) Auspice writeup
16 And my tears interleave with the wires and energy (personal) Auspice writeup
17 I feel like I'm getting weaker, while Charlie's growing stronger in the jungle (personal) Auspice writeup
18 Fiber in a Faraway Place   category