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1 paranormal romance   e2node
2 urban fantasy   e2node
3 Why aspiring novelists should write short stories   e2node
4 How To Attend A Writing Conference   e2node
5 Urban Fantasy World Building   e2node
6 First reader   e2node
7 A Guide to Binge Writing   e2node
8 Mary Sue   e2node
9 How books get into libraries   e2node
10 Finding time to write   e2node
11 book signing   e2node
12 Literary agent   e2node
13 self-publishing   e2node
14 Why are new books so expensive?   e2node
15 How to make a living writing short fiction   e2node
16 signature sheets   e2node
17 How to write fantasy that will absolutely slay the editors   e2node
18 What can happen if you accidentally commit plagiarism   e2node
19 The Right to Write: An Invitation and Initiation into the Writing Life   e2node
20 Is there an agent in the house?   e2node
21 The publisher is just the middleman   e2node
22 vanity press   e2node
23 Query letter   e2node
24 Finding or Creating a Writers' Workshop Group   e2node
25 Getting your work published   e2node
26 rejection   e2node
27 Master of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University   e2node
28 Literary Award (idea) Lucy-S writeup
29 setting (how-to) Lucy-S writeup
30 plot (idea) Lucy-S writeup
31 The Most Difficult Part of the Story: Beginning, Middle or End? (how-to) Lucy-S writeup
32 On Editing and Diversity (idea) Lucy-S writeup
33 How to be a more productive writer (how-to) Lucy-S writeup
34 collection (thing) Lucy-S writeup
35 Fix-Up (thing) Lucy-S writeup
36 September 1, 2016 (how-to) Lucy-S writeup
37 Clarion (thing) Lucy-S writeup
38 theme anthology (thing) Lucy-S writeup
39 shared-world anthology (thing) Lucy-S writeup
40 Braided Novel (thing) Lucy-S writeup