Wet walnuts are a delicious topping to any ice cream. They consist of walnuts, bathed in warm maple syrup. Although, at first, this may seem like a horribly sticky and odd mix of flavors, it tends to blend perfectly with most ice creams, and especially complements any selection of nut or legume based ice creams.

The syrup tends to spread out and evenly penetrate the ice cream due to its slightly warm temperature. This way, you can enjoy the wet walnuts along with the ice cream during the entire consumption process (unlike some toppings). The taste is then dulled slightly, and produces a quite sweet sapidity while allowing the ice cream to be the dominant flavor.

Wet walnuts tend to seperate from the syrup in the container, so a good amount of mixing is required before serving. A small ladel full is usually the accepted amount of topping.

Wet walnuts can cost anywhere from .30 to .75, (any more for them and you are being ripped off.) Often, they are available as a substitution for hot fudge or any other "wet" toppings on a sundae.

My personal suggestion: Wet walnuts sundae with Butter Pecan ice cream

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