Founded by H.R. "Pete" Kauffman in 1974, Excellence in Dynamics was one of the leading producers of arcade video games until some time after its 1986 release of the game Chiller. After that game was made available on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the NES and other home-based video game consoles began to overtake arcades in popularity between 1986 and 1990, and Exidy declined quickly from the main video game market in the United States.

Other widely-known Exidy game titles which can still be found in some arcades include Death Race (1976), Spectar (1980), Mouse Trap (1981), the quiz game Fax (1983), and the light gun game Crossbow (1983). As of 2006, Mean Hamster Software has had the rights to develop new Exidy-branded arcade games. Between 2007 and 2011, several Exidy games were made available as ROMs for use on a PC. These can be downloaded for free on the MAME website here.

Paul Terrell, the founder of Byte Shop, oversaw the creation of the Exidy Sorcerer personal computing system in 1978. The Sorcerer was successful in Australia and Belgium, but it did not achieve popularity in the United States. The Dynasty Computer Corporation bought the license to the Sorcerer in 1979, and it was relabeled and sold as the Dynasty Smart-Alec.

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