There are a lot of preconceptions about crack smokers. People think if you take one hit from a crack pipe, it's instant addiction. In their minds, the only logical step from there is breaking into your senile's grandma's apartment to pawn off her shitty 20 inch TV worth $10. They couldn't be further from the truth.

Tons of people smoke crack every day, way more than you could ever imagine. Bored suburban soccer moms, politicians, doctors, homeless people - everybody, man. It's not that big of a deal. Jane can go to her ugly, shapeless minivan and take a hit while no one is passing the ball to Johnny and find a little relief from her colorless world. And no one's the wiser, too. It's a great drug - a wonder drug, even. It doesn't have to be an addiction.

Probably the biggest PR hurdle surrounding crack is that your layperson seems to think it's meth. Meth makes you bug out immediately and lasts way longer. Meth is like the most ridiculous, over-the-top cup of coffee you ever drank. Crack, on the other hand, is a whole different experience. You know all those Tazo Tea boxes with words like "Calm" and "Zen" printed on them that make all kinds of ridiculous promises you know a small cup of fucking green tea could never deliver? Well, crack is like if the product advertised on those boxes actually existed.

As soon as you take a hit of crack, an instant, energized sense of calm envelops you. Latent emotions bubble hot spring-like to the surface. I've had some of the deepest conversations imaginable with some of the least likeliest characters. Street-hardened thugs for some of the roughtest, most disenfranchised neighborhoods have cried on my shoulders, high on crack. When you blow out that sweet cotton candy smoke, you know everything is going to be alright for the night. It's magic condensed into a white rock.

Yes, there are the withdrawals. If your mind can't overcome matter, you can easily lose your shit over crack because of the withdrawals. Because of this unfortunate reality, crack should only be smoked by the enlightened. If you were the type of person that was formerly content to go through your whole life mindlessly driving to and from work, and wasting your free time away in a haze of bad TV, video games, booze, and junk food, crack isn't for you. You wouldn't have the mental fortitude to handle it. The only reason anything is illegal is ostensibly to protect the weak-willed and weak-minded from themselves.

I first smoked crack when I was 17. I haven't smoked it in about 5 years. I have no regrets, and no use for it now. Crack was one of the many things that helped break me out of my preconditioned consumer life, taking me on a higher path. Don't take a hit. I don't dare you. It's just another experience, another set of chemicals in a world irrepairably tainted by millions of chemicals. Or is your willpower really that weak? Is that what you're really afraid of?