First Day on the Frozen Food Manager Position


A man is a worker. If he is not that he is nothing. ....Joseph Conrad


As referred to, and promised in February 28, 2002, I would get back this first day of March, and my first opportunity at a new career. Yeah, I know it's not some enviable geeky programmer position, or, of course, a financial windfall as an IT CEO, but it pays for the chopped broccoli while I store it, stack it, and re-stack it.

Last night I got my collection of white shirts for the required uniform, as well as the necessary red tie and decent slacks as per the dress code handed to me thursday. I went to bed early, took my Melatonin to insure a good night's sleep, and then allowed my rested but restless body and mind to deprive me of that luxury.


I can't sleep, I think, so I might as well get up, being that is only an half-hour away from buzzing my senses from beta to zeta waves . I hear the coffee being made, as well as the promised morning breakfast sizzling by my magnificent, though sometimes recalcitrant, significant other. After enjoying pancakes, and this last free-time for a long time today, I leave for my adventure awaiting in the cold after praying to Lord for strength.


I arrive early, traffic is not as bad as I thought. Oh, this looks like the mandatory employee parking lot. I also cerebrate that I probably am not supposed to go in the front doors, but at the side door the door-bell looks broken. I follow a truck driver to the other back door. He says, "I don't know how long it will be until they answer." Will I get on the clock at the required 7AM?

Fortunately the door opens, and I'm in a back part for the meat department, I go through trying to mumble introductions and queries, as I go through their cutting room, and onto the floor. Where is everybody? To make a long story shorter, I find Dave, the manager, and he takes me to where I can get a proper maroon tie, and a time card.


By the time I got everything, I was already late, but I met Robin my trainer/retiree and on the floor by the freezers we did the tighten up, and he explained we restock with existing procuct while waiting for the truck. Eventually the truck would come in with four skids (pallets) with heavy cold boxes. Through the weary day boxes would be opened, emptied, bags and packages cajoled into spaces, and repeated. Frustration abound with tumulting boxes of whatever boxxing me on the ears, while my clutzy elboys knock other neat rows askew. However, when not separated, but working in proximity, in our conversations we share the joy recognizing that we are Christians that enjoy the clean , kind, and honest atmosphere the owners have created.


I need a watch, I would have missed break if not for been invited, meeting the jovial dairy managers. I only have a drink of water.


I lost track of time again, and was a half hour late. By this time the episode that could inspire Camus has left me very tired, but I am hungry, and their snack bar cooks fresh and hot -- I ordered the $3.29 special, fried shrimp, dinner roll, french fries, and applesauce. I feel like a prisoner eating alone, and the woman who works for them in the canteena, asks. "How you like it here so far, Hon?"

2nd Break

I sit and banter with the guys saying their goodbyes to the soon-to-be ex-co-worker. I'm offered a soft macademia chocolate chip cookie, while he comments, "You'll never starve, here."


Actually I didn't punch out until 4:13, not looking good to people who do not want to pay overtime! But, the real frozen foods guy, he says, "You'll do alright, be patient." As he dons his German Baptist black straw hat on his way out; (He never wore the obligatory tie, either.) "I'll see ya tomorrow." He says, as I head furtively, but quickly for the door.

I drive home, and the 50 degree weather feels balmy. (Long johns help, too.) At home I just want to sit, and indeed I enjoy logging on I need to even spend gelspace to tell you? My feet and legs ache, but my spirit feels very good, very well, indeed.

Work is love made visible......Kahlil Gibran