Nest is a quarterly magazine of interiors. Interiors of all sorts of buildings (though mostly homes and apartments) - houses of rich people, houses of poor people, interiors of curious buildings, and unexpected buildings. It is a magazine about people, and the way we modify our structures to our lifestyles. It is an honest depiction of the way people live.

Nest also has some of the most intersting graphic design of any magazine out there, and the highest production values, too. (And does it charge for this - $12.50 an issue.) Nest received the National Magazine Award for General Excellence (also known as the little Alexander Calder elephant sculpture) in the circulation under 100,000 category in 2000. Nest has published 13 issues thus far. Subscription information is available at

Nest is, for me, the best magazine I have seen in a long time. The graphic design is incredible, the concept is something that has never been dealt with before. It is, in every way, good. And well worth the $12.50 cover price.