Also, when I search for this node . I got a 404.(The link is just to the period, nothing else. Oh wait that isn;t really a bug is it? More to do with putting a period in the url and that not working. Hmm... maybe code it so it redirects to the html code like other symbols seem to?)

Also, users homenodes don't adjust the most recent writeup written for self-nukes. (not sure if this is still a problem)

Special symbols on everything2 seem inconsistent. They alternate between what they are and diamonds with question marks in them. - Halloween Server time 2012

My Node Scent of a Woman double posted in new writeups and showed up as two separate things in node tracker. Reverting it back to draft got rid of one of the links in new writeups but left the other. One of them also still remianed in my writeups list. The remaining link led to the nodeshell. borgo nuked the shell but then it read "no parent node" in new writeups. borgo then made a new nodeshell which was then automatically filled up with my writeup (albeit, the one with less votes of the two in node tracker). Currently in my drafts I have two for Scent of a Woman, one is marked as having been removed, the other has the "(1)" next to it which i usually see when I post a new w/u but the draft still exists.