In a 1998 study, over one percent of polar bear cubs studied around Svalbard, north of Norway, were found to be hermaphrodite due to pollution by PCBs and other organochlorines. In some bear populations in the Arctic, the ratio of abnormal births was found to be as high as 20% and PCBs are the prime suspect for causing them.

Organochlorines affect the endocrine system in many ways and are also responsible for changes in behaviour, learning ability and aggression.

Nodeshell rescue
A superhero in The Tick's The City. Wants to help fight crime, but he often just goes back to bed. He appeared in the episode The Tick vs. The Idea Men.

Bi-polar Bear is also the title of a song on the album Shangri-La Dee Da by STP. It goes a little something like this:

So I'm letting it go again
I'm halfway full on
Left my meds on the sink today
My head will be racing by lunchtime

So I'm holding her hand again
My palm sweats
Hold on
Think I've had too much coffee
I'm manic as hell
But I'm goin' strong
Left my meds on the sink again
My head will be racing by lunchtime

Don't sleep behind the wheel at the stoplight
Can't sleep behind the wheel as you're drivin' home

You keep comin' down the hill as you're fallin'
You keep fallin' from the hill as you're comin' down

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