Lies drip easy from your lips, like ejaculate syrup. Unhindered by conscience, they ooze from your indiscriminate mouth. You lie with your eyes as well; tears are eager to sail down your face, turning my perfect anger to guilty pity. You are clever, oh so clever. You know precisely what it is I wish to hear, and this sly knowledge you use to keep me in a web of words well chosen. Easily, almost willingly, I succumb to your serpentine speech, baited with the sweet stink of your cunt.

Despite your proficiency in the art of manipulation, you remain pathetic; a parasitic ego-creature. It is so obscene how fat and drunk you are on the love I gave in confidence. I was far from perfect, but I loved honestly, and I spoke with spine you never honoured me with. You are a cow herding invertebrate, instead of the value of people and promises you know only the infantile gratification of self.

I'm finished with futile demands for decency and respect. Resigned instead to screech my disgust into the sensitive hollow of your eardrum. You are vulnerable in your ears, your ears can't lie. They are receptive, submissive to my razor truths. Clever as you are, you are easily hurt. You are as repulsed by your self as I am, and in knowing that I have learned to see you for what you are you will suffer and despair. You are the one who needs me, you can not love yourself, you need a host. Not me, no longer.

Yet, beyond all this, I wish you would redeem yourself as you could. Be the person you led me to believe you were. I hope this sincerely, but I will not wait for you to realise it. I am leaving you to wade through your misery alone; though even as I do this, I will pray for you to graduate to your own potential.

You are the sludge at the bottom of being, and I love you.

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