Because Cleveland Rocks, it makes a great home for the Hall, a place that honors the innovators and the movers-and-shakers of the Rock'n'Roll Age. There are bad points about fossilizing the medium like this, but radio programmers and bad rock crits have been doing the same thing for years, anyway. It's great to see recognition for people (Ruth Brown, Johnny Otis, Tom Donahue, Jerry Wexler...) left out by the agendas of the suits.

A rather interesting museum devoted to honoring the legends, and sometimes the bands/singers who weren't popular but led quiet musical revolutions. Unfortunately, it is rather commercial and tickets alone are $15. And they hawk all sorts of t-shirts and such.

Contains such items as ZZTop's cars/guitars, Aerosmith's outfits and stage mic (complete with tied tye-died scarf), and Jim Morrison's boy scout uniform.

We had lots of fun during the construction of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. Part of the fun was site visits from rock stars. (For example, one day the construction manager failed to recognize Billy Joel and screamed at him about not wearing his hardhat.)

One of my favorite days was our visit form Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder. The publicity office had called a week in advance and told us to expect a special guest, but wouldn't say who it was. They were that if word got out we'd be swarmed by fans. So on April 1 Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam shows up and is given the full tour by the Project Manager.

Early on, the PM pulled aside a staff member and asked who this star was (he'd never heard of Pearl Jam - knowledge of Rock & Roll was not a requirement for the job). Anyway, he was nice enough to Eddie. He was also very impressed with Eddy's knowledge of construction!

At the end of the tour, after each of us were offered an autograph, Eddie signed his hardhat for our PM (as many celebrities did - it was kind of a tradition. He wrote "To Robert, Happy April Fools!" and signed a name that was NOT Eddie vedder. Still, the PM didn't get it!! We had to explain it to him later.

This wasn't the real Eddy Vedder. It was one of the construction workers who just happened to look very similar. The Engineers on the project had arranged the joke, working with the PR office they were able to secure a limo and even a small group of fans.

By the way, the official name is "The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum". You'll get in trouble with management if you don't write and say the whole thing.

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