This recipe makes six "servings", although I've found it comfortably feeds four, and should take about 30 minutes to prepare once you're familiar with it. It's fairly low calorie, provided you cut out the butter and trim the pork of all fat you can find. In my house this was a family favorite among us kids who constantly complained about the lack of good low calorie meals. This doesn't require any cooking skills, and only a fork to turn over the pork scallops, a dish to serve the whole business in, the appropriate measuring utensils, a knife and a non-stick skillet. For ingredients, you will need:

First, you'll want to cut the pork into just under half-inch thick scallops and pound them until they're about a third or quarter of an inch thick or at the very least thin and tender. Drain the artichoke hearts and if they haven't come pre-cut, cut them into halves or quarters depending on personal preference. Mincing the shallots and crushing the peppercorns before starting is also advised. Pre-heat the oven to a suitable temperature to keep parts of this dish warm while working.

Bring the water for the pasta to boil, following the directions given on the package. About five minutes before you're finished, you'll want to throw the pasta in and then finish it with either butter or butter flavored cooking spray, depending on your calorie preferences.

Using a large non-stick skillet coated in either butter or butter flavored cooking spray (once again, personal preference), saute the pork medallions on high heat until they're just cooked through. After transferring the pork medallions to a platter and placing it in the oven, add the artichoke hearts to the skillet and heat until warm in the pork juice before adding them to the platter with the pork. Combine the wine, wine vinegar and shallots in the skillet and bring the mixture to a boil, making sure to scrape around any brown bits that may form on the skillet. Once this has been reduced to a glaze, stir in the Dijon mustard, cream, capers or peppercorns, a pinch salt and white (or black) pepper to taste. Once the sauce has thickened, pour it over the pork and artichokes and serve over the pasta immediately.

Source: My mother's personal cook book and a bit of my own experimentation.

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