Nobody liked my original writeup. I realized that's because nobody is my absolute best friend for life.

Nobody loves everything about me.
Nobody thinks I'm perfect.
Nobody can appreciate me for who I really am.
Nobody treats me with all the dignity I think I deserve.
Nobody is always there for me.
Nobody listens to everything I have to say.
Nobody will always stick around, no matter what.
Nobody cares about every last trivial little detail of my life.

If I ever feel lonely, I take comfort in the fact that at least I have nobody to keep me company.

nobody is a user on UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems that some daemons and the like are run as. Otherwise they might be run as root, but that would be insecure, so, voila, a dummy user who can't access as much.

See also: setuid

No"bod*y (?), n.; pl. Nobodies (#). [No, a. + body.]


No person; no one; not anybody.


Hence: A person of no influence or importance; an insignificant or contemptible person.



© Webster 1913.

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