Mac Hall is a popular web comic drawn by Ian McConville and written by Matt Boyd about geeky college students living in the same dorm. It can be found at but it used to be hosted at KeenSpace.

The Characters:

  • Drew is a computer science major and has discovered that the field is like sewer repair: "It pays so well because nobody really wants to do it." He is permanently pissed-off and a cynic facing a future of trudging through databases for all eternity. He was once attacked by the Crocodile Hunter.
  • Matt is an aspiring journalist trying to explain the world, and finding it doesn't even make sense to him. He wonders around the university looking bewildered. Like Drew, he is a computer science major and works at a software company. He enjoys Bungie and is a member of the university's newspaper.
  • JM is a mellow person who features wheelie shoes and the closest the strip comes to having a philosopher. He looked like Matt until he shaved off his goatee and is usually Ian's partner on any crazy schemes so he can see the aftermath.
  • Ian is the main character of the strip and is the odd artist type. Slacking is high art for him and he's currently holding a summer night job at K-mart. He's a dedicated Mac fan.
  • Micha is a computer addict with a very short attention span which prevents him from working. An Asian Everquest addict, he plays a gnome.
  • Jon was kicked out of college after spending more time playing Final Fantasy than studying. Since he spends so much time in Mac Hall, it's almost impossible to tell he no longer lives there.
  • Alan is Jon's gaming companion and the sworn enemy of Drew. The war of insults will only send with the death of one of them.
  • Helen is the strip's sole female who used to date a nerd named Jason.
  • Jason was Helen's boyfriend who broke up with her because he thought they should date other people.
  • Mike is a music geek who lives in his own world and is a good friend of Helen's. It is said he possesses excessive personal magnetism when he's not trying.
The Story so Far:

The Mac Hall strip is about the residence of MacDonald Hall, a typical college dorm. They work, sleep, and play... but mostly the sleep and play. No life changing plot events have occurred yet and may never occur. This is college. Anything can happen... for now it's typical dorm life.

The Writer:

Matt Boyd - "I like to write comic scripts. Sometimes I even show them to people." A journalism student, his influences are Bill Watterson and Jerry Scott.

The Artist:

Ian McConville (from his section of Mac Hall's site - "You know, I still really can't think of anything to write here.... I think you're better off reading the rants.... And quit correcting my freaking spelling!"


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