On write up Baldwin effect at the bottom of the writeup itself.

htmlcode 'voteit ' raised compile-time error:

Server Error (Error Id 2281396)!
An error has occured. It has been logged. Apologies for the inconvenience. If it persists, contact an administrator

I'm currently using chrome.

Theme: bookwormier by ascorbic*

....now is appearing on all the writeups. Huh.

Time 4:01:19 server time 5/15/14 (9:01 pm where I am 5/14/14)

Seems to be continuing on the Balwin effect node but not all the others.


Zephronias got it too, and notes that it replaced the voting option.

5/15/14 server time 14:26:29 (my time 7:30 am) bug in my bug write up.
...uh, tried to publish this and it won't and says !!!bad workup type 0!!! under title and in right hand upper corner says "never".

We're not perfect. There are a lot of items that need work, and a lot of different things that are broken in minute ways. They are the growing pains of a publicly developed website. We are in a constant state of beta, but hey, it keeps things exciting. We'd like you to report any problems that you're having, because we, the caretakers and floorwashers, like this to be a generally pleasant experience for you.

Although we're working on a ticketing system, for the moment it is not complete, so please for now just tell us here where we messed up, and hopefully it will work out.

Things that probably are NOT bugs:

  • "Error: Timeout/Server Error/Unknown Error" which appears after a vote or message takes a while to send. These indicate either the server took too long to finish a request or you lost the network connection midprocess.
  • "Sumbit", "stumbit" and other such creative buttons are one of our little in-jokes. They're intentional.
Please report the following things whether or not they seem relevant:
  • Page the error occured on
  • A screenshot if it's hard to describe. Post them in Picpaste.
  • Your theme
  • Your browser
  • The time it occured, down to about a half an hour block. We don't need a stopwatch and second, just about when. We'll do the rest.
Hopefully with all of your eyes and ears out there, we'll keep this place running smooth as um, an active website.


Also, when I search for this node . I got a 404.(The link is just to the period, nothing else. Oh wait that isn;t really a bug is it? More to do with putting a period in the url and that not working. Hmm... maybe code it so it redirects to the html code like other symbols seem to?)

Also, users homenodes don't adjust the most recent writeup written for self-nukes. (not sure if this is still a problem)

Special symbols on everything2 seem inconsistent. They alternate between what they are and diamonds with question marks in them. - Halloween Server time 2012

My Node Scent of a Woman double posted in new writeups and showed up as two separate things in node tracker. Reverting it back to draft got rid of one of the links in new writeups but left the other. One of them also still remianed in my writeups list. The remaining link led to the nodeshell. borgo nuked the shell but then it read "no parent node" in new writeups. borgo then made a new nodeshell which was then automatically filled up with my writeup (albeit, the one with less votes of the two in node tracker). Currently in my drafts I have two for Scent of a Woman, one is marked as having been removed, the other has the "(1)" next to it which i usually see when I post a new w/u but the draft still exists.

Writeups by users hidden using the Pit of Abomination are still showing up in Cream of the Cool on the front page.

Cream of the Cool, along with most of the things on the front page, is generated cached once every few minutes, and displays the same for everybody. It is also a particularly expensive query that it runs, so changing it to running dynamically wouldn't be a great move either. Some solution similar to the feeder/filter method used right now for New Writeups might work, but I'd be concerned about the database load. -om

It might be a bit mad, but we could do it reasonably cheaply with CSS by giving titles and things 'by-user' classes, which would also have the inestimable advantage of allowing people to automatically embellish entries by their crushes with a purple background and little hearts and flowers. Just if anybody didn't have anything better to code... - Oo

This is a somewhat niche thing, but when I'm using my iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard in the catbox, it registers key presses as doubled ALL THE TIME. It also then double-registers the backspaces so correcting each can take like 5 cycles. I think this is because there's a lot of JScript stuff going on with the catbox and iPad Safari just can't keep up. It also loses the insert point when the 'box autoupdates and scrolls. The double-type doesn't happen when editing nodes, just in the catbox (with autoupdate on).

I use Chatterlight, Chatterlighter and My Chatterlight. I don't remember all the features for the three, but this evening it seems none of them can bring up both chat and private messages. I'm sure at least two of the three provide that service, but am pulling out grey hairs to remember all the options. But my instincts say something isn't quite working.
Private messages are provided by default in the chatterbox nodelet, which both chatterlight and chatterlighter use. However, if you have the Messages nodelet disabled, the chatterbox nodelet does not display private messages, so you don't get them listed twice. However, in the case of chatterlight and chatterlighter, this means you have to go to another page to view your private messages.

This is known behavior. My thought on the matter are that (1) chatterlight should be retired and (2) chatterlighter should have a tab for the Messages nodelet if it's enabled.

-om 2011 June 29

I have a reward up on Everything's Most Wanted... For reasons unexplained it's up there twice.

I have a suspicion about this - the second, lower reward used to be my ransom for Lake Baikal, but when a user cashed that in it didn't leave the page... Now, since I've added a new reward, it's entry on the page has become a duplicate of the new one... There's a fuxed indexing table somewhere, methinks.

Not quite what Auduster suspected. I was on this one and forgot about it. It's actually pretty simple, and due to the fragile design of Most Wanted. Whether a user has a bounty is tracked in their VARS. If this value somehow gets lost from somebody's VARS, when they award a bounty, the bounty won't be removed. Most Wanted just needs to be made a little more robust in this fashion.


User Clockmaker reports that the achievement "Printing Press", which is supposed to be awarded for writing more writeups than any other noder in a month, does not appear to function. The code in question is located in writeupsMonthMost and simply returns 0. It was likely disabled after the switch to InnoDB, as aggregate statements, like the GROUP BY that was inevitably used, are far more expensive with row level locks.

This should be a monthly cron job (or implemented, equivalently, in a nodelet) which queries all writeups published in a month grouped by publisher_id, finds if there's a clear winner (SELECT COUNT(node_id) 'num_published' ... ORDER BY num_published LIMIT 2, if the two num_published don't match, there's a winner; or do something more complex to award to all people who tie for most that month), and awards the achievement appropriately. This is a good candidate to use the slave MySQL DB since stale data is unlikely to have an effect.

2011 Nov 28

Users IWhoSawTheFace and Tem42 both reported difficulty viewing their own homenodes.  This is most likely due to timeouts, being exacerbated by the presently overtaxed servers.

Diagnosis is difficult since neither user has provided further details in an E2 Bugs entry. If you have a problem like this, please report it here and provide time you were accessing your homenode (including timezone) and browser(s) you were using.

In general, a large number of slow pageloads right now are for user homenodes, whether accessed by the user erself or by others.  Most likely, accessing it by erself tips things over the edge because the counting of messages to oneself is fairly expensive.  Profiling homenode display would be wise.  The issue may simply be that there are many htmlcodes used only in homenode display, so a bunch of code has to be loaded from disk, and homenodes are relatively rarely displayed, so we might want to trim them down.

2011 Nov 28

Now that htmlcodes are being cached, the voting footers (maybe still in voteit ...?) accumulate text from each previous run.  This causes a confusing display esp. on E2 Bugs because the "(unvoteable)" text repeats a dozen times by the final writeup in the node.


2011 Nov 28

Using the ABC button to strike out text in the WYSIWIG editor causes the text to appear struck out in the editor but only in the editor. If you click on the "HTML" button, it shows no tag has been added, and submitting effectively erases the formatting.

2011 Nov 29

The indent button also appears to do nothing, reflecting only upon first application, but not actually changing any HTML.  It should create a blockquote.

It seems that nuking a recently-C!ed writeup causes it to remain in the Cool User Picks table, marked as having no chings. (C.f. at the time of writing »The Silence«, by Glowing Fish.) I expect you've noticed this already, but have a formal bug report.

I'm having trouble posting to the everyone account. I clicked "advanced options" (after finishing my draft) and checked the box for publishing under as everyone.

then nothing happened. the writeups listing did not include the new node and the node i created had "("Code Year" is also a: writeup.)" on the top right corner, above the add to categories thing. on the top left corner it had "!!! bad WU type: 0 !!!".


Newer problem: 4/6/2012 report date: when visiting E2 (before logging in) there is a reduced version of the cooled items on the front page. The top one, for the past few months, has been Naughty Meter Maids. There's some rather profane language in the first few sentences (ie where onlookers at work would first see). Can this prank be corrected?
Mr. Bonci,

submitting an error watch here because you asked me nicely to.

1/5/2012 at 10:03 pm a user failed at linking to an outside source. User used an "a href" tag which had a "less than bracket" at the end, right before the "less than bracket" a "greater than bracket".

below the "talk" button for the chatterbox, and above the "chatterbox settings" topic section, I noticed an error. Upon mousing over any active link in the chatbox, lines of white space were appearing in the nodelet. The whitespace appeared to correlate to how long I mouse-overed a link. If i refreshed the page, or talked, the whitespace reset itself. Error did not perpetuate after the broken a href link had cleared the immediate chat area.

I am using Internet Explorer 9. Specifically 9.0.8112.16421

Good hunting,


This is such a small thing that it seems churlish to complain, and I don't even remember if browsers provide an interface to scroll textareas. But it's bothered me for nearly a decade now. If they do, it would be very nice if, upon updating a draft, the textarea in which the draft is composed were scrolled to the bottom automatically, rather than the top, given that that's where you're likely to be concentrated.


This is a particularly odd one - searching for buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo brings up a Nothing Found page - though searching for buffalo or buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo correctly take you straight to those nodes, while buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo goes to a Findings page. OldMiner explains that this is because when E2 finds a draft you can't see, it returns Nothing Found rather than Findings. Which should be easily fixed. Fixed -jb

Also - it turns out that if someone includes broken comments in the form <!--h5> ... <--/h5> that totally breaks the page, rather than just commenting out the rest of the writeup as it probably should, in principle.

Clicking the r link to reply to a /msg from Serjeant's Muse gives me

/msg Serjeant&#39;s_Muse

Which in turn gets me a message telling me to quit shitting so big because it's clogging the pipes.

The RSS feed for the_custodian's account is reporting not only his writeups, but everyone's C'd writeups. Not sure why it's only happening with his feed and not anyone else's.

The Custodian's account got changed to The_Custodian by a mysterious code glitch. Has now been changed back. So the account for which the feed was requested didn't exist. We need to fix the feed's response to failing to find an account. - DonJaime


softlinks to "Letter to the Editor of WomenCentral@microsoft.com" show as "http://everything2.com/title/Letter+to+the+Editor+of+WomenCentral%2540microsoft.com". which i guess is 'cause of the @ in the title. see Is anorexia genetic?

Update 11 April: after being informed it looked fine on FF, and I saw it looked fine in Safari, this appears to be only occuring in IE 7 for me.

Another bug, or just not implemented?:
Notifications settings gives me an option that will notify me when "a writeup of yours gets edited by an editor or administrator." It hasn't! also, would this include a draft? Only the author can edit a draft - dj...unless collaborators are added! -gnarl

when logging in (browser: Safari) while on this page (node_id=817023) the url changed to this, and i get an error message that the page doesn't exist.

Node tracker does not note unpublished wus, or republished wus from drafts.

however, changes in rep to a republished wu show the wu chronologicly where it was before republishing, although the public publish date is changed.

April 2012: IE 7 browser does not allow me to create drafts or nodes. update: borgo has reported the same problem in the same browser version.

April 2012: if a user publishes a new wu, then reverts it to private draft, it still shows up as their most recent wu, but leads to nothing found, or a page without their wu. see mauler for an example. Update: fixed by donjaime!

Nov 2012 attempting to publish as another user, in my case both Virgil and everyone ends with the published wu notes as !!badwriteuptype!! . It also shows a link to the original node title as 'X is also a node'.

Nov 2012 Attempting to publish THIS wu as me gets this error page (subsequent checking has shown the page appears due to having links within beginning with http://everything2.com):

'Draft not ready for publication
You may have read E2 Quick Start a little too quickly.

Writeups on Everything2 should include links to other pages on the site. You can make an on-site link like this: Hard link or like this: show another. This way, each writeup is integrated with the rest of the site and new and old works can complement each other.

You can also link to other websites like this: external link, but external links do not help to integrate a writeup into Everything2.

Do not use the external link format to link to other pages on this site.'

Apparently level 0 users can see categories created by Guest User on their category nodelet, along with an 'Add To Category' link, but these links do nothing.

Usergroup leaders do not appear to have a way to edit the user group descriptions.

The vote count in the header ("you have 2 votes left today") runs one page load behind. So if you spend two votes in a node, it will not record this after you vote, but only after you move onto the next page. Not a major bug, but I thought I'd mention it. I do have AJAX turned on.

NEW! When you remove a writeup back to draft, there is no indication as to how you would access it again. You cannot see your draft in the nodeshell, I received no msg upon removing my WU, and searching for the draft title just found the nodeshell. Very frustrating.

It is also annoying that the 'repost draft' option is in a different place than the options used to post the draft originally. Why make people go hunting?

NEW! The message "Table formatting error: table closed with /tr" appeared as soon as I posted a node. I would rather that the message appear when I updated the draft... After all, the point of a draft is to catch that sort of thing.

If bug reports that can not be worked on quickly (or are not worth working on) could be deleted (and recorded elsewhere as necessary), that would make posting a second bug report easier.

The Gold star notification message is truncated, or at least needs some tweaking.

Cool Man Eddie says Sweet! Klaproth just awarded you a Gold Star, because superduperbeautifulnode

That's all. Not even a link to the superduperbeautifulnode in question. Also, the link to Gold Star is broken and the italic tags around the node title (but not around the word "says"!!?!) render as <i></i> in Message Inbox (but not Chatterlight??!?) (but that might just be my screwy style defacer stuff)

Everything2 doesn't use or have https, AFAICT.

One could debate that this is a feature suggestion, but I posit that it is indeed a bug.


My homenode seems to be the buggiest thing in existence. I don't know why, but weird, crazy stuff seems to happen there all the time. Here's the latest.

Recently, words on my homenode that have been linked, with the standard square brackets, have started getting truncated. Chopped in half, shrunk down to a single letter, erased completely, except for the brackets. I normally fix these (or try to fix them, if I can't figure out what it was supposed to be), but I've left some of it up as an example. In this case, most of my usergroup listing -- usually stated as "Hey, do you like (x)? Do you like noding about (x)? Then you need to join the e2x usergroup!" The names of the usergroups have been chopped down to just the initial "e" -- instead of "e2comix" or "e2horror", it just reads "e". 

It's possible this has something to do with using a non-letter character, as several other truncated links had numerals or other symbols in them.

If it helps, I'm using the dim jukka emulation by archiewood.

August 4, 2014 - Problem: xmltrue displaytype is broken. (FIXED)

April 2013

Not really a bug, but isSpider contains two references to 'ia_archiver'.

Also, I clicked the 'remove writeup' link on an existing E2 Bugs writeup of mine. I now have 3 drafts with the same title, and since that means they all have the same semantic URL, I can only view one of them.

I'm guessing that when un-publishing a writeup, there should be a check to see if there is an existing draft with the same title as the newly unpublished writeup. If so, one of their titles needs to be changed.

Dec 2, 2013 - Bugs above still exist, and in fact I had a problem getting this draft posted because of the draft issue above.

New Bug - December 2, 2013

NOTE: This bug features a node with an extremely long title which may be part of the problem.

All the writeups in Don't kill your invisible husband to see what he looks like or you'll sob your heart out. But don't worry about the millions of invisible men coming to attack your village because they won't kill you if you don't know how to fight them. all have a weird ending string appended to them.

They are named:

Don't kill your invisible husband to see what he looks like or you'll sob your heart out. But don't worry about the millions of invisible men coming to attack your village because they won't kill you if you don't know how to fight them. (id

Notice the " (id" at the end.

Another one: Just noticed after posting this, that it didn't post hidden even though it's in a maintenance node.

Ignore this line. It is a test: Ralph

Writeups which don't meet certain checkpoints are given helpful messages courtesy of writeup settings, with instructions that these warnings can be turned off in writeup settings. The problem here is that the link to writeup settings is broken, and should instead point to general settings.


Update 2/5/2015

On both We Need To Talk and Virgil's Links on Everything2 pages, using the default theme in chrome at 8:00 PM EST, the format used to link to a specific writeup inside of a node seems to not be working. Writing (with brackets instead of parentheses) (Beat(by mjijm)) or (Ralph(by webster 1913)) directs as a hardlink would. If this isn't a bug, then the Links writeup should be edited to reflect the correct format.

Hi E2 Bugs:
At 3:55 by the ascorbic.net clock on 5/15/14, on Baldwin effect write up. Voting buttons were replaced by this error message: htmlcode 'voteit ' raised compile-time error: Server Error (Error Id 2281396)! An error has occured. It has been logged. Apologies for the inconvenience. If it persists, contact an administrator

I'm using Firefox but when the error occurred I was using Chrome.
Theme is bookwormier by ascorbic.

I tried to publish this on 5/15/14 about 7 am US Pacific time and got another error....
says !!!bad workup type 0!!! under title and in right hand upper corner says "never".

As I'm returning nodes, I'm noticing that the metadata (votes, XP, etc) is missing, meaning they're getting voted and C!ed up again. Should I be concerned about this as gaming the system or shrug and accept it?

alex sez: Known flaw in procedure design which may be addressed some day. DonJaime adds only affects writeups that were nuked back in the old days, so should become less relevant in time.

Stars circumvent ignoring and abominating. Should probably fix this, as it can be used to communicate through said ignoring and abominating. Thanks.

This is a test writeup. Please don't remove this without asking me. -jaybonci

To Whom It May Concern:

Some of the recent fixes to E2 seem to have made reading, writing, and voting much harder during Iron Noder.

I used to be able to buy an extra C! right before server time, thus getting 2 C!s to give in one day. Now, it confines me to exactly 24 hours, to the minute...annoying.

I reported that when I vote, sometimes the old voting circles appear, flicker, then disappear. Still happening.

Add to bookmarks feature no longer works, annoying too.

When searching for links, I am no longer able to choose a specific writer's node; what's with that?

I sincerely appreciate all who work on code behind the scenes, but these are all things which worked fine before.

I'm sorry if I don't understand how all of this works, but it's frustrating.

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