To do this idea, you have to really like the person, enough to spend hours slaving away for their sake!

1) Buy an A5 sized cool-looking blank notebook
2) Find all of your coloured pens, magazines, photos, and start thinking...
3) Make the present!

So what is it? It's a journal of their life since you have known them. Share your memories, photos, jokes, and stupid things you've done. Start about six months before you need to give the present, and enlist the help of your friend's family, other mates and relations.

You'll be amazed how cool it ends up to be, and I PROMISE you that it will be a great, personalised gift! Then, most importantly, be there when they open it, and read through it together. Be armed with chocolate and tissues.

Don't you just love reminiscing?

Just_Tom adds: for your pesent idea: I normally stick a really cool mix CD of our favourite songs and memorable film samples and catchphrases in the back.

So why not add a soundtrack to their life as well? Great idea.

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