One of many catch phrases of Norm MacDonald on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update.

Norm loved to go for the obvious joke, and so whenever he reported a story about Baywatch or David Hasselhoff, he would always end it with "Which once again proves my old theory, Germans Love David Hasselhoff."

There were some other (in)famous taglines too:

"Or so the Germans would have us believe."
"You guessed it, Frank Stallone."

Norm was also fond of poking fun at The Juice, and Marion Barry's crack habit.

He's right, though. They certainly do love him over there.

One of the most annoyingly persistant rumors in showbusiness. While it is true that he had something of a summer hit in Germany in 1989, and the Knight Rider show was popular in the 80s (as everywhere else), he is not "Germany's Elvis", in fact he hasn't had any media exposure in decades over there.

According to, a message board and no doubt reliable information source about Davey, he has sold more records in Germany than Madonna. He is not only an actor, he's a musician, too. His records never sold many copies in the United States, but his music was popular all over Europe, especially Germany. There is even a biography of sex icon David Hasselhoff which fawns over him and is written by prestigious author Jörg Fisher. The biography has even been translated into English by André Albrecht! Now THAT is fame!

A writer for the Washington Post once wrote about dreamy David Hasselhoff's role in Knight Rider and said, “obviously they were looking for an actor who couldn't be a threat to upstage the car.” Little do they know. I bet he didn't have a role on Baywatch where bedroom eyed Davey got to wear that sexy whistle around his neck! I bet he doesn't even have chest hair! Only the most famous and manly of men have chest hair that lustrous!

"Looking for Freedom" was the number one single for over 8 weeks straight in Germany. He was even invited to sing it at the Berlin Wall in 1989. He said, "It was the first time Germany had been unified, and close to a million East and West German fans stood together in the freezing cold at midnight, watching me perform. I was overcome with emotion." See, he even unified Germany!

Okay, that was in 1989, but it's proof that the Germans love him! And his last name is German too! Why wouldn't they like him! He gained fans in Austria before he even became big in Germany, and by God they will never live it down. I mean, of course he may not be as popular now, but he has more chest hair than Brad Pitt could ever dream of.


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