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He who writes in blood and proverbs wants not to be read but to be learned by heart.
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  • Born young, not dead yet.
  • Average location: near Berlin.
  • The information on this page identifies me. Google has been the death of anonymity.
  • If a /msg won't do the job, DonJaime is an email account at

The writeup on which the most people have clicked on the 'I like this' link is Vibrating Inflatable Philosopher.

My voice

My accents

  • No, I'm not from there, either.

Early life and Education:


I like:

Peanut butter

If you can't see a pattern here, I can't help you.

Views on web design:

My place in the E2 staff

In the corner, messing with the wiring.

The Management put me on the coding staff so I wouldn't keep nagging other people to implement my ideas. I ask permission before doing anything important. I do not speak for the management. Please do not take anything I say any more seriously than required by the inherent wisdom of my words.

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