A very simple bat-and-ball game that is perfect for playing with a few friends on a hot summer's day.

What you need

One person is made the batsman who will use the bat to hit the ball and to keep the ball from hitting his legs, which are the equivalent of a wicket in conventional cricket.

Another person, the bowler, throws the tennis ball in an under-armed throw. The batsman must then hit the ball, and score runs by passing the bat completely around his body without the bowler or one of the other players (fielders) managing to throw the ball and hit his legs. The next ball is bowled from wherever it landed as a result of the previous play by whichever fielder happens to be nearest to the ball.

The batsman is not allowed to move his feet from the position they were first in when he started bowling. He can, however, twist his torso around to try and hit any balls that might be coming from a more difficult angle.

Play continues in this manner until the ball hits the batsman's legs, at which point he is out and the next batsman takes his place before play continues. The player/team with the highest amount of runs after everyone has had a turn batting wins.