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"Diligence should be your watchword. Whatever you do, do well, and may success attend your efforts." - Bononia Docet
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I was born during the Carter administration. Luckily, I was too young to remember it. Went to grade school at a catholic school during the Reagan and Bush administrations which were pretty influential in making me a conservative guy. I went to an all boys catholic high school which at first made me conservative but then my senior year religion class opened my eyes to libertarianism in an indirect way. I briefly went to George Washington University where I accrued large debts. It was the most influential year and a half of my life.
My conservative values were challenged by the fact that I lived with a bunch of pot smokers and a gay guy. After the year and half, I smoked pot and the gay guy ceased to have the "gay" adjective before his name, he was just a friend. I built on the foundations of my senior religion class to arrive to the most important tenet in my life, as long as you don't mess with anyone else, you should have the right to do what you want.
After leave GWU I had to work on paying off a large debt which I finally accomplished. I could finally return to school and my age and experience have worked to my advantage. I plan on eventually attending law school, hopefully at an Ivy League school. But time will tell about that.