IPv6, the next-generation of IP addressing and its more relaxed side of things -

The second (actually third, read below) low-level protocol in existence to permit funny address-schemes unmeaningly. The other two are "Ethernet-addresses" a.k.a. MAC-addresses and the ridiculous IPv8-addresses introduced by a bizarre (although assumably serious) poster on the IPv6-users mailing-list.

How these addresses are funny, can be described as follows. Both, MAC and IPv6-addresses utilize a hex-base for normal pointers to end-sites (as opposed to decimal-base and "" in IPv4).

Effectively "3ffe:8000:beef:dead:babe::0" is a completely logical address that could be seen being transmitted on the hardware-level. And! With all luck, such an address will even pop up at some point in your local neighbourhood. With a completely made-up ratio of 1:2, it's actually more likely than winning a medium-size lottery.