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To think 4-dimensionally.
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I am Swedish. Yah. You know what that means, right? Born in a cold country where the sun is up for 24 hours in the 4-week summer and due to kharmic intervention stays hidden from sight for the rest of the year. A place where women are gorgeous and sending sub-conscious signals of fertility. Where there is no poverty. Where taxes are incredibly high but education, even at college-level, is free. Oh and we make excellent designer watches, have great chocolate, and of course; the Volvo. (Volvo means, "I Roll" in Latin).

I think not. You must have me mixed up with someone else. I think my years abroad, namely 4 years in the states (most of which I spent in Seattle, WA), and a bit of time in the Eastern European countries have opened my eyes a bit. I wish to be a citizen of the world, bound by no rules, adopting no religion but my own, and have the decaying sense of a moral majority decide what's best for others but still remain an individual. Yeah, you're right. I'm a political fuckup. Not to mention religious bigot. I frown upon organized religion yet I believe religion has never been more important than now. I think of the college student who got an 'A+' on his essay that stated two words; "why not?" when expected to answer the question 'Why?'. I believe we search for the things that are unimportant, because we fail to feel important enough to search for the things that are important. How's that for screwed up? Social misfit? No, not really. Very social, as a matter of fact. But I have a tendency of relaxing my posture and my outward appearance when I suspect I am with friends, and all of a sudden I find them staring at me for having blurted out something they can not, or will not, relate to. Some think of me as a great comedian, others as a born liar. Some even think of me as brilliant. Truth be told, I'm neither of those things. I'm just me. At least, that's what me thinks.

I'm 27. I just become a father to a wonderful son who doesn't keep me up at night. I have a fiance whom I adore, and who is able to handle me delicately when I expect to be roughed up. I have a good job, but I hate the cutthroat industry. I dream of so many things. Perhaps those dreams can inspire. That's why I'm here.

Peace be with you,