This makes a fair amount of fun with ordinary kitchen ingredients. It is a cool thing to do with little kids, or big kids, heck, even your Grandma would like it.

To make this smooth play dough that will resist hardening you will need the following:

2 cups flour
1 cup salt
4 tablespoons cream of tartar
2 cups of water
2 teaspoons of cooking oil
Food coloring of your choice

Mix all ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat until the dough leaves the sides of the pan. Cool the dough and kneed. Make big fun! Don’t let the little ones smashy smashy into upholstery. Keep in an airtight container for more fun on another day!

Hint: If you don’t want the entire batch to be one color, cook it up without the food coloring and separate into blobs once it is cooled. Now you can mix the colors into the clay one at a time. It will take awhile to get the food coloring evenly distributed but you can do it. In the mean time you have your hands in smooshy smooth dough and it feels really good, so who cares how long it takes?