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Le Parkour i suppose, irony (biting irony sometimes) sarcasm (always sharp) impaling myself on things ( or with things) for bets.
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WHO?! ME?!!!

I don't have much to say 'bout myself really, er..... I was born at an early age and I haven't got any younger since. I live in wales (yes the little 'sticky outy' thing to one side of england) I was born in a place near the glorious shit- hole that is swansea, called gorseinon (pronounced: gohr-sy-non), I moved about a bit (only a small bit, y'know, 'a mile here a mile there')and now I currently reside in a house about a mile down the hospital where I was actually born! Yep, my short life has already come around 'full circle'.
I was eleven or twelve when I started to write so I have been writing for six or seven years and still can't kick the habit. At one time I wanted to be the youngest adult fiction writer but I soon understood that my work wasn't up to par so I drifted off for a while.......... .............


And then decided to write again, in between playing music loud and reading books and comics, arguing with my family and indulging in a little Le Parkour (though i don't buy that 'spiritual' stuff, sorry)