Pink Floyd was a short-lived band of the 1960s composed of Syd Barrett and some relatively faceless sidemen. They released two albums, the landmark Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967) and A Saucerful of Secrets, and a few non-Lp singles.

Within a year or two, Syd Barrett lost the plot due to drugs and so forth, and the band dissolved. Barrett has been living in seclusion ever since.

Since the band broke up, the sidemen have periodically exploited the brand equity of the name by doing "reunion" tours as "Pink Floyd", and they've even gone so far as to release records of new "Pink Floyd" material, but be warned: It's a scam. Since the 1960s, Barrett has not been involved in any of it. This is like Mick Taylor billing himself as the Rolling Stones, or like Michael Clarke's "tribute to the Byrds" touring bands in the 1980's (the ones billed by unscrupulous promoters as "the Byrds", not otherwise specified).

None of the "reunion tour" output has been memorable or interesting. What I've heard has been sluggish, hilariously overblown "art-rock" parody. "Art-rock" is a fit target for satire, but songs satirizing genres are novelty songs, and novelty songs get old quick. I wouldn't waste my money on it. The records are almost as good as Spinal Tap, though the humor is less broad. Also like Spinal Tap, there is a movie. The problem is that they satirized the same thing over and over again for twenty-odd years. Spinal Tap took on a dozen or more targets in one movie, and the variety was great. Telling the same joke for two decades is just stupid, if you ask me.