Years ago, I lived in a "bad neighborhood", and I often heard gunshots. One evening, I heard a series of gunshots, closer than usual: Within a block or so. Even a wuss like me gets blasé about these things after a few years, but this was close enough to give me pause. The shots were very rapid and they were over by the time I started to think about it. So I stopped whatever I was doing and "replayed" the shots: There were five of them, like so: "Bam, ba-bam-bam, bam", if memory serves: I rehearsed it repeatedly, rather struck by the fact that I'd been able to retrieve it. I may have the rhythm wrong after all this time, but there were five of them1.

For what it's worth.

1 I called 911 and they said, "shots fired in West Philly? You don't say! What'll they think of next?" Oh, well.