Didaskaleinophobia is the fear of going to school. A fear many people have at one time or another; fortunately, this fear is easily overcome and there is even an online clinic that will sell you some books to help your kids out. (I'm sure it's a scam of some sort; most parents just tell their kids to get over it, and angry-parent-a-phobia kicks in.) Not to be confused with Scholionophobia, the fear of school itself.

You see, people who suffer from didaskaleinophobia only fear the journey to school. You know, that anticipation; the fear of what everyone will think when you show up... Are you wearing the same hat as the bully? What if everyone laughs at you? All that stuff.

Once a person suffering from didaskaleinophobia actually arrives at school and sees that all is well, they usually calm down and can make it allright throughout the day.

This phobia (I got tired of re-typing it) is horrible when compounded with basiphobia or variants thereof, the fear of walking. Now that's a reason to take the bus!

Most people that suffer from this phobia also suffer from low self-esteem and are more susceptible to other people's opinions than the average person. First impressions are everything, even if it's just "first thing this morning!"