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Hello, I'm David Elton, born in Reading, England in 1968 making me 38 now. From 1993 to 2002 I worked as a casino slot machine technician / slots manager in the cruise ship industry mostly with Norwegian Cruise Lines (N.C.L.). Working on cruise ships was the best move I ever made as I got to travel most of the world & experience many varied cultures & customs. The only places I havn't seen are Africa, South America & Japan. A cruise ship is basically like a big tin can with up to about 50 different nationalities living together 24/7 for months at a time. Trust me, that teaches you tolerance of other cultures & race. this is something sadly lacking in the rest of the world today. I'm now working back here in England as a wall & floor tiler (which I already hate). Life sucks 'syndrome' really started to in 2003 when a work visa for the U.S.A. could not be extended. It's been mostly downhill ever since! Life still sucks but I hit rock bottom last summer. Now I've started finding my way forward.

Basically I'm an easy going, peace loving kind of guy. I don't do 'race'. I don't do 'skin color'. I'm not religious & have absolutely nothing against any one who is regardless of their religion. That is of course unless you hurt or oppress someone in the name of your religion. Do this and your still nothing but a stupid idiot. I know who I am, a product of evolution of the human race, which started in Africa, the cradle of life. What ever race you consider you're from now D.N.A. has proved this (I'm English & white). I believe all men and women are born equal. I am also not a member of any political party (talk about a group of people that  need to evolve!). I know this sounds bad but realising there are lots of people far worse of than me has both humbled me & helped me.

In the words of old, wise 'Yoda' : 'If life sucks worry not you must'. 'Help for self - seek you must for a way forward find will you!'