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I am an inveterate infovore in the body of an outdoorsman. I live in San Francisco this year but am due back in the mountains sooner or later. I work as the facilities maintenance guy for an indoor rock climbing gym. I enjoy rock climbing (real as well as plastic), mountaineering, mountain biking, running (especially trail running), and of course reading and writing and cooking and music.

Mr. Hotel says well. 110 always worked for me until the day my front passenger side of my car flooded and killed everything i had made or had been made for me in the past 10 years in one fell swoop. since then i've gone all digital. analog, don't leave it in the sun and you'll be okay. truth is, i don't get to mixtape all that much since marriage, career, etc. happened (i think i was officially 'shiftless' when i wrote that s.o.b.). tapes are for losers in my mind now. it's all about mental projection: you get a nice voodoo lady to make a juju with artifacts of your intended tape recipient and dance nekkid with it around your neck while thinking about the songs and sprinkling yourself with witch hazel extract and metal lube. the recipient then enters a dreaming state whereby they experience the music in a much truer form than Dolby-B noise reduction could ever convey. rick roll them in this state and you instantly enter the hell of a thousand demons, do not pass go, do not ever attain nirvana.