Hogger is a poker term used in high-low split and other split pot poker games. It's a pot where a single player wins the entire pot. (Infrequently), can be used to mean the actual player who wins such a pot. Comes from the word hog, which can mean greedy or overindulgent.

Some common split pot games include: Omaha High-Low, Seven Stud High-Low,High Chicago, Low Chicago, and the number games ("7 and 27" and "5 and 55").

An example of usage: Doyle Brunson catches a 5 of diamonds on the river and makes a seven for low and and ace high diamond flush for high, which beats your 8 low and straight for high. You say, "That's a hogger Doyle, good catch there on the end" and then you throw your cards into the muck.

Closely related concept is scooper. Sometimes the verb tenses are used instead: "hogging a pot" or "scooping a pot".