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I am theTwinkie God **FEAR** the wrath of my yummy cream filling!!!!!!
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Why can't they get out of The Matrix on cellular phones?
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Still remaining in lurk, as i was entirely wrong in my free time allocation estimates. I had failed to realise all the nesesary (and blessedly so ) things that come with graduating high-school, all my suposed wide open nodeing time has been swolowed up in a frenzy of LAN gaming, getting drunk off my ass, and chasing girls that are WAYYYY to young for me to even have naughty thoughts about (but way to intelligent, beautiful, mentaly unstable, ect for me not to atempt at some sort of relationship with). As such i have yet manifested any of this summer's new node crop, if there is any one out there that actualy cares enough for me to say "Be Patient" to, don't in fact msg the fscking hell out of me!!!, the intrest of one person is prolly enough to get me off my lazy ass!!!

the nodes are starting to build up inside of me so i fear that the forced deactivation of lurk mode be not far off. (bad english was intentional, i think it sounds kinda old skool in the 1500's sense of the word, if you don't think so, tell me, but have a reason why..).

The current highlight of my e2 life is that for reasons unbeknownst to me, Rancid_Pickle has decided i rock,(a decision i reached by reading the giant "Rancid_Pickle is extremely impressed with the writeups by twinkie_god!" thing on his homenode) which almost fully restored my faith in humanity. I now feel warm,fuzzy, and way more important than i should.

my only current ]E2 gripe, is that i think that blabing should be manditory when downvoting someone, i realy dont care if it's a three word (which only takes 10-15 seconds) response as long as it tells me WHY!!. As has ben stated before Ack! You lost experience! is about as useful as "Check Engine", and while the E2 node tracker has handled the how aspect of it down to a science, the why issue is still up for debate. Now mabye this is totaly off base but i would like it if i got somekind of helpful feedback more than once every 10-15 downvotes.

some of my faveorite quotes...

"There are two major products that come from Berkeley:
LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence."
-- Jeremy S. Anderson

"Computer games dont affect kids; I mean if pac-man affected us as kids,
we'd be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills,
and listening to repetative electronic music!
-- Kristian Wilson, 1989, Nentendo Inc.
Ever get the feling that you've been had???
--Johnny Rotten