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I shall stuff you into a small box if you don't conform to my standards.

This space left intentionally blank.

I do so enjoy using this system to further my own personal agendas. For example, I enjoy writing. In my own personal belief, I am at least an interesting person to read. However, I lack in certain key aspects; research, grammar, and humor. Through rescuing nodeshells that I find along my journeys, I embark upon the quest to better all three of these areas. Research is obvious. I must research these nodes in order to figure what the hell they are all about. Grammar becomes paramount, as lots and lots of people are going to (hopefully) read these words, and I don't want them to walk away not understanding what I am saying. Finally, my humor. In person, I've noted I am quite funny. However, most of my humor comes from my face, my actions, and occasionally a good piece of wit given at an appropriate time. I find it difficult to summon at will.

I welcome any and all criticism. Feel free to communicate with me, give me pointers, and send me money in small, unmarked, non-sequential bills.