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mission drive within everything
i'm not quite sure yet, though once i thought i knew.
writting, researching and googling
take what you find, give it a squeeze, find it's essence, mix and enjoy.
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It's interesting to watch myself only really know yourself through fuzzy memories. But to hear yourself talk, watch yourself on a video, or write what you wrote is an amazing tool. This is why, I won't delete my previous bio's....

I like computers..working with them, getting information out of them, and building them. I've figured out it satisfies my god complex by building a network that is great and that people will use. I am an anti-materialist. I hate junk, spam, junk mail, junk phone calls. I've rid my house of junk I no longer use. The once towering piles of spare computers and parts are gone; sold at the MIT Flea or brought to the landfill. I like what I do as a network admin.. I build things people use, though I have a lousy memory and do little to help it. This causes me great pain at work.


interested in computer culture
computer history

i am one of the biggest pack rats i know,
collecting computers has become a little
bit of a hobby.

every now and then i visit the
MIT Flea market to
buy or sell the stuff I have.

I am more interested in History now, than computers. But I manage to eek out a living as a self-trained sysadmin. Someday, I might teach..not sure.