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Got started in computers 'way back. Eighth grade, mainframes. No PCs, CP/M was coming Real Soon Now. First OS GECOS, second Multics. Go figure.

I'm interested in *people*. The purpose of technology is to allow people to connect to one another. All else is just inappropriate use of technology. Except space travel and cool gadgets.

I'm a computer geek triathelete; I've worked for computer manufacturers, DoD and DoE contractors, US Government research labs, universities, and now a ".com" in online gaming. I've been a software developer, purchaser, user, security geek, and educator.

It's all about people, really. The technology is just an enabler. In the best of cases it allows people to connect to each other and do things that are useful and "good". In the worst cases, it allows people to close themselves off from society, become loners and be lonely.