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mission drive within everything
To spread awareness without the weariness that often accompanies it.
philosophy, psychology, social sciences, english literature, criticism, creative writing, mysticism, exercise and nutrition, and many other sources of information anxiety.
Insight Communications
Confucius say: "Fat man see within EVERYTHING2 the words"VERY THIN" and become computah freak!"
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Just one very ordinary bloke. That's me. I've loved, I've lived and I've learnt a few hard lessons along the way. My first girlfriend, Atiya Khan, and I were caught up in a folie a deux. She drove me mad (the fucking maneating ballbreaking femme fatale nympho whore) but some of the madness also rubbed off on her in the process. Well, the bitch never forgave me for that. Love is a psychosis and a divine dementia. Went into a sort of dark ages in my early adulthood from which I was saved by the tons and tons of books and magazines I read voraciously.

Currently I am serving as Creative Director at Insight Communications (an Ad Agency). I write funky articles for its quarterly magazine Face On. I've had mystical and paranormal encounters (which scared the hell out of me) and yes I have to take my daily dosage of mind-coolants (or else I'd probably go jump off a cliff or something). Life is unfair yet if you undergo the situation come hell or high water you find that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. One day you emerge and laugh while looking back. Wuzz that me ? Damn!

Plan to write a book or something. If I can just get the time and the in-spiration.

Wish me Luck cause I'm gonna need it!